February 03 2017

  • We have enabled the possibility of obtaining certificates for IDN domains (zones .of the Russian Federation .ru, etc.)

December 20 2016

  • Added the ability to change system directories for MODX Revolution.

November 06 2016

  • Due to the discovery of new vulnerability in MODX sites, table prefixes when creating new and reinstall the old sites are automatically generated.
  • For existing sites, you can change the prefix at the information panel (under the MySQL password).

November 03 2016

  • Launched a new server at the data center of Selectel in Moscow.
  • Added new tariffs for large sites: "Maximum x2" (32 Gb SSD) and the "Maximum x4" (64 Gb SSD).

July 06, 2016

  • We added the integration with Let's Encrypt service! Now you can get free certificates for all your domains.
  • Updated Nginx to version 1.10.1 and enabled http/2 for all https sites by default.

May 06, 2016

  • View the latest records from the logs of the website right in the control panel.

April 24, 2016

  • We have updated PHP to version 5.6 and added more productive PHP 7.0. You can switch between them at any time.
  • We've also updated Nginx to version 1.8.1

24 March 2016

  • We are launched a new server in the Republic of Belarus.

19 March 2016

  • Updated notification system. Now are counted all of the sites, which period of work ends in a 10 days. Notifications will be sent every day until the account is not renewed, or run out of operating sites.

16 March 2016

  • In the protected environment of sites was added ps, top and htop utilities. Now you can monitor your resources consumption in real time.
  • Added a limit on the number of simultaneous running test sites per user - 3 pieces.

15 March 2016

  • Added ability to choose server location when creating a website or changing plan.
  • Now available the new server, in Germany at the Hetzner.

13 March 2016

  • The new control panel is enabled by default.
  • All parts of the service translated into English.

04 March 2016

25 January 2016

  • In the protected environment of sites was added the utility screen.

02 December 2015

  • Separate accounting for the size of the database in the monitoring system of the site.

01 December 2015

  • Fixed accounting of database size in the overall limit of storage.

28 November 2015

  • Now you can download a backup even from disabled site.

26 November 2015

23 November 2015

19 November 2015

  • Updated support section. Now you can ask not only technical questions and close tickets by yourself.

10 November 2015

  • Updated design of control panel.
  • Ability to enable yearly billing with discount 10%.
  • Ability to download backups.
  • Details at

1 November 2015

29 August 2015

  • A new article is added to "Help" – "Website control panel" – describes all basic facilities of Modhost control panel.

28 August 2015

  • The facility to forward TCP ports in the secure environment is on. Now it is possible to connect to MySQL through SSH remotely.
  • An article is added to "Help"- "Quick start".

19 August 2015

  • MODX 2.3.6-pl is added.
  • MODX 2.4.0-pl is added.
  • The recommended update button is marked in orange.
  • Not the current but the last stable version is selected at once updating CMS website.
  • MODX 2.3.3-pl and MODX 2.2.15-pl are off.

8 August 2015

  • Now any subdomain can be added to the service domain.

1 August 2015

  • The layout error, when it was impossible to top up the balance from a mobile phone (necessary elements were not shown), was fixed.

30 July 2015

  • When you restore a website from a backup copy, its passwords in the control panel are also restored.

26 June 2015

  • To install and update the access to a new version of MODX Revolution – 2.3.5-pl.

24 June 2015

  • To install and update the access to a new version of MODX Revolution – 2.3.4-pl.

18 June 2015

  • A floating website can be placed under control of another account.

16 June 2015

  • Support for a normal entry and display of Cyrillic domains are added
  • The account for the number of domains on the tariff is modified. Now they are counted as first-level domains and subdomains can be added without limits .

11 June 2015

  • The virtual console is added to the secure environment. Now Ctrl+O functions well in Midnight Commander.

02 June 2015

  • The article about cron manipulation is added.
  • The article about https settings is added.
  • The article about manual backup copying is added.

28 May 2015

  • The facility to generate a copy for the site.
  • Referral program for hosting users is invoked.

27 May 2015

  • The facility to create a website without installing the CMS.
  • The facility to transfer a website to another account.

26 May 2015

  • The new tariff for designer at a reduced price and an absence of operating domains.
  • Composer, Grunt, Gulp and others are installed.

19 March 2015

  • Now you can indicate a separate email to send copies of website condition and balance notification in your profile.

1 March 2015

  • The notification about the impossibility of automatic website extention is improved. Now you will get notifications from 10, 5, 3, 2 and 1 day before website tripping if there are not enough recourses on your account.

13 February 2015

  • The search in website tables seeks in attached domains as well.

09 February 2015

  • ImageMagick is fixed in the secure environment of the website.

30 January 2015

  • A new version MODX Revolution 2.3.3-pl is available on the hosting.

23 January 2015

  • The Internal work on PHP launch in secure environment is held. If you experience any problems with your script execution, call the technical support.
  • New websites receive service addresses of domain

13 January 2015

  • New service domain – The details are in our community.

09 January 2015

  • New service design.

08 January 2015

  • New tariff line. The details are in our community.

04 January 2015

  • In server console, mysql and mysqldmp are available. You have to indicate host For example, a Base roll-out of user s99:
  • mysqldump -h -u s99 s99 -p > dump.sql

11 December 2014

  • The facility to launch php from server console for new websites is added. Scripts function in secure environment that is why some functions may not be supported.

01 December 2014

  • HDD size on testing tariff is expanded to 250 Mb.

23 November 2014

  • Free packets are not deleted after automatic installation when creating a website.
  • Paid packets are replaced by the files with zero size to avoid errors in MODX log.

22 November 2014

  • Information window about the website is completely remade.
  • Now you can change SSH/SFTP, MySQL passwords and admin MODX Revolution by yourself.
  • The retention cycle for a backup copy is extended to 20 days after website deletion. In all you can launch your website during 1 month after deletion in case of nonpayment.

19 November 2014

  • The facility to restore deleted websites is added – call the technical support. Of course, it should be done not later than 2 weeks after deletion, when you still have backups.
  • Testing websites are not deleted right after the end of their work – they can be transferred to paid tariff during 24 hours.
  • A small improvement of website control panel.
  • The design of notification letters is changed.

25 October 2014

  • Notifications about new versions are input separately for different branches of MODX Revolution: 2.2 and 2.3.
  • A new version of MODX Revolution 2.2.16-pl was added.

22 October 2014

  • A new version of MODX Revolution 2.3.2-pl is added

21 September 2014

  • Add-in installation when creating and reinstallation of websites is added. On the testing tariff paid add-ins are available from Simple Dream repository. The details are in our community.

13 September 2014

  • The manual how to transfer a website from another hosting is added
  • The page with Nginx examples was updated. An example of basic authorization is added to service directory

12 September 2014

  • A search line is added to the control panel. You can seek by website, system or tariff name.
  • Unused tariffs "Trademark-2" and "Advanced" are cut off.
  • Tariff "Advanced-2" is renamed to "Advanced".
  • Service slider and add-ins are updated to the last version.

20 August 2014

  • The page to control Email is added.
  • The page to control DNS is added.

25 July 2014

  • From today, the service functions only though secure connection https.

23 July 2014

  • The facility to reinstall a website completely and to delete all the data is added.

16 July 2014

  • The support of Cyrillic domains is added in xn--***.xn--p1ai.

15 July 2014

  • A bug when configuring nginx is fixed, the block location had contained nested location.
  • Page Help is added, with nginx configuration examples.

05 July 2014

  • The output of ip host is added to the information about the website

04 July 2014

  • The notification distribution about tripping of a website 24 hours beforehand is added, only if there is no money on account to auto-extention.
  • When adding any domain to a website www.domain is registered for free.
  • The design of payment letters was improved.

03 July 2014

  • Logging of website activity is improved. Now you can check in website directory log/:
  • access.log - visit log of web-server nginx
  • error.log – log of nginx errors, there areп all 404 not found and php errors php (if input is on).
  • slow.log – log of slow php queries, which are loaded longer than 5 seconds.
  • Logs are changed every 24 hours and are kept for 7 days.

01 July 2014

  • Timeout for operations is added. Now if it takes longer than 10 seconds for a backup to load, you get a message that the work continues on the background mode.

17 June 2014

  • The new facility to change a tariff once a 24 hour is added.

16 June 2014

  • A new tariff line.

15 June 2014

  • The settings of free tariff "Testing" are changed. Memory_limit was reduced from 128 Mb to 32 Mb, sending emails through sendmail is cut off.
  • The controlling service on a server is not blocked at simultaneous enquiries. That is you can made a backup copy on one site and edit rules Nginx on another.
  • Quota design on HDD is improved: from 1024 Mb it shows 1Gb.
  • The page with tariff descriptions is added.